Anonymous asked:

hey! in your opinion which one do you think would be better starting with. The Canon Eos T3i Rebel or the Nikon D3100?

This is going to sound cliche, but you need to shoot more and worry about gear less. I don’t know much about entry level cameras, but I believe that the T3i is actually a competitor with the D5200 and not D3100 so the T3i should be the better camera in this comparison. The important thing is that you pick a system and stick with it; you can’t go switching out all your lenses etc if you feel like changing brands without a high cost.

I shoot Canon, but I’m jealous of all the Nikon users with D800s cause that thing is rad for fashion. I know professional fashion photogs who use both 5Ds and D800s and above. It’s really up to you and which brand you like better in the long term.